Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sicilian Adventure Draws to a Close

I guess I could rename the blog to Adventures in Virginia, but it just doesn't sound quite as exotic. This month was the official end of our tour in Sicily. Carmen and the kids spent the summer visiting family and I was able to spend some time in Utah before going back to Italy to close things out. We had a great time living in Europe and there is no way to put a price on the things we were able to do and see. We will miss the people of Sicily and all of the friends we made there. Included in these pictures of my last week on the island is the sun setting over the beach at Cefalu.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Words of Wisdom from Ella

Like all parents, we have always told Ella that she needs to eat her broccoli if she wants to grow up to be big and strong. So the other day, after much thought, Ella went to Carmen and declared that she did not want to grow up or be a big girl, so therefore she no longer had to eat her broccoli! Who can argue with that kind of logic??!!

At family prayer time, it is always a challenge to get the kids, and especially Ella, kneeling and reverent. The other day Ella was finally in the circle when she suddenly leaned to the side and lifted her bottom, tooted, and declared "That was for you Abby!" When everyone broke down in laughter, she graced Caleb and Sierra with one too. Gifts all around!

Most of you have probably heard this other prayer time Ella story, but it is worth writing down. Again, she was all riled up and running around, refusing to kneel down. Everyone else was kneeling waiting for her. Before sitting down, Ella turned around, dropped her drawers, mooned everyone and asked, "Did that blow your mind out?" Needless to say, the prayer did not take place for a few minutes!

Saturday, May 09, 2009


Well today it was hot, and that means it is only going to get hotter and more miserable. Yeah!! The kids "helped" wash the cars in their bathing suits and then decided to work on their tans. Caleb, as you can see, is very secure in his manhood!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Playing for Pizza, but Eating Hot Dogs

Yesterday we went to the Catania Elephants game. They are an American football team a la the Parma Panthers, if you have read the book. The rules require the team to be made up of Italians and they are allowed 2-3 Americans/Europeans. It was quite funny to watch. Catania is really bad and any decent high school team could probably beat them. In their defense, they made it to the semi-finals last year. We fired up the grill and cooked some dogs and had a good time. Some Americans have put together a cheer-leading squad and an Italian rock band covered songs during half time. Check out the Italian chick doing Axel Rose in the video. All in all, a good time.